Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Where is the music industry going?

In response to a prompt I've decided to respond the this issue. Being a frequent "pirate" myself I could really care less for the record companies who force their pop music down the throats of Americans. The reason I feel this way is because in the last 30 years the industry has been focused around one thing, money.

Like most industries money should be the overall objective but not to the point where quality is thrown off a cliff. The presence of the MP3 format makes it easy to trade and find new music and the best part is that its free.

I bet right now your thinking to yourself well if the music is free how are the artists supposed to make money?

1 Make some good music
2 Give it away
3 Play a few shows
4 Go on a tour
5 Make lots of money

And if you doubt this process works take a look at Pretty Lights.

All of the music he has ever made is free and the best part is that its really good. I've personally spent over a thousand dollars going to Pretty Lights shows and buying t-shirts whatever else he has a available at concerts.

If you still don't think this is the right way to go about music production take a look at the new Pretty Lights record company and the list of sold out concerts. Also, in case you were wondering all the band under the pretty lights label give away their music on the same site.

People are cheap but easily won over, give them what they want and they won't hesitate to support you.

Granted that the music you make is good.

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